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  • 4 star review  I keep having dream about their Baklava since i tried it few weeks ago. Its the real deal i am telling you. Other than that my beef swarma was ok. Portion is really big and definitely worth the price when you are drunk and its late at night. However, I thought the beef had an overpowering cumin flavor which could be reduced a bit milder.

    thumb Rez Ali

    5 star review  I love eating shawarma in the Middle East
    Have tried dozen places here in Massachusetts.
    Noor Mediterranean shawarma is as good as gets.

    Their wrap Saj, or laffa, quality is impressive.
    I can’t recommend any other shawarma shop.

    thumb Tom Iancovici

    5 star review  I have eaten from Noor a zillion times (always to-go)but never took the time to leave them a review. It's the best Mediterranean food I have eaten in America.And the prices are so reasonable and the amount is great. The salad is fresh, the pickled veggies with right amount of salt and vinegar with some light crispiness , the dinner plates with either the kebab or shawerma is mouth watering. The garlic sauce and the baba ganoush are my favorite sides. The eggplant in the baba is nicely done with some smokiness to it and good tahini added to it , they add something else to it coz I have not been able to recreate that in my kitchen. Lastly, the kibbee balls are my favorite too. I only order one per person so I feel less guilty about being the glutton.
    Eat here and you won't regret it.

    thumb Urvashi Biswal

    5 star review  Chicken shawarma plate was delicious. The guy in the front who I believe is the manager was extremely nice we had a chat and he said he is a Lebanese, so no wonder the food tasted like real Mediterranean.

    thumb Abduala Benmahmoud

    5 star review  Ordered online, fast delivery and great food. Generous portions too.

    thumb Stephen Forcucci

    5 star review  Thanks to Noor for whipping up a delicious catered dinner for me with less than three house notice! The food was absolutely delicious - the meat was tender, the pilaf was fluffy and the garlic was some of the best we’ve ever had. I was amazed to see my nephew, who typically eats like a bird, go back for thirds - and then I caught him sneaking another piece of beef kebab on his way out the door! This is a great spot for Armenian-Lebanese cooking

    thumb Nayiri Baljian

    5 star review  Stopped by and this place was amazing. It was so so good. Give it a try and you will not regret it.

    thumb John M

    5 star review  Finally, great schwarma outside dearborn. They make their own schwarma not like others who just order it premade from Sysco. Keep up good work.

    thumb Delaney Paul

  • 5 star review  We eat here regularly and everything is always fabulous especially the rice, tabouli, hummus, and garlic sauce. Good flavorful Middle Eastern food, reminds me of home.

    thumb fisha nour

    5 star review  Noor Grill catered for our event and the food was mouth watering! We ran out of food because our guests kept serving themselves and going for rounds! Everyone was complementing the food, it was fresh and delish!! Highly recommend their catering services and can't wait to have another event so we can feast and enjoy the food again, soooo good!!!

    thumb Marzouki

    5 star review  This place has an amazing Mediterranean delicacy. Try their Noor Trio. And chicken shawarma you will be blown away. Definitely recommend in Somerville area.

    thumb Bardan Shrestha

    5 star review  I ordered a beef Kebab plate it was sooooo fantastic. Tabouli and all . I will definitely be back ♥️♥️♥️♥️

    thumb Gypsy Gypsy

    5 star review  I rarely live reviews but I ordered this on Uber eats and I loved it everything was fresh and very flavorful. I will actually order from here again

    thumb grandscales da_drum_god

    5 star review  Great restaurant. One of the few my wife and I can easily agree on every time. Great menu across the board, but my favorite is the baba dip. Plates and wraps are solid, too. Good spot for window-shopping for treats. Friendly and hardworking ownership and staff.

    thumb Dan R

    5 star review  Service is espectacular as well the food. Staff and owners are friendly.
    Food A+! From the hummus to the rice. The meats are well seasoned and never dry.
    If you are in the area this should be a casual MUST!

    thumb Maria G Garcia

    5 star review  Sooooo good!!!  My family and I have been coming here for years.  The staff is very personable and friendly.  The meat quality and sauces are fresh.

    thumb Grace Hanawalt

  • 5 star review  Great Armenian/Mediterranean fresh food – tastes like my Grandma’s kebabs! If you’re looking for a nice middle eastern place for take out during this pandemic time…you’ve found the place.
    Arsen has twice delivered individually packaged meals for our hard-working staff at the Armenian Nursing & Rehab Center. And what a treat it has been! The beef and chicken kebab taste like Grandma’s, at church bazaar or picnic! So very flavorful as was the rice pilaf, pickles, fabulous hummus and crisp salad.
    He has a very consistent product (which is reasonably priced) is very professional and kind. All of this is so appreciated during this tough time on our hard working staff.
    Thank you Arsen – I look forward to visiting you at the restaurant someday…soon!

    thumb Carolyn Goff

    5 star review  Noor is amazing. Food is fresh and authentic! Tastes amazing every single time. The owner is friendly, warm and takes great pride in his restaurant, you can tell immediately upon walking in. I've been going for years now. Also great for catering too!! The best!

    thumb Shant Banosian

    5 star review  Really great spot. Huge wraps. Falafel is heavily spiced with coriander and seasoned well with salt so they pack lots of flavor. Hummus is very thick and with lots of tahini and tastes incredible. The meat is seasoned perfectly and very tender. Vegetables and pickles are fresh and tasty. The pita is grilled like a panini and has great texture. Really amazing hole in the wall restaurant serving some of the best Mediterranean.

    thumb Simon Adamson

    5 star review  Great place to buy food when in a rush. Their service is quick, prices are affordable, great atmosphere. Would recommend to others

    thumb Kenneth Shimp

    5 star review  The beef shawarma was amazing. Highly recommend getting the rice pudding as well!

    thumb Stelios Pistoftzian

    5 star review  Delicious food and great customer service!!

    thumb Lahjen BM

    4 star review  Very pricy but very yummy food. Beef kebabs very juicy and moist.

    thumb Anowar Hossain

    5 star review  Never disappointed. Staff is super friendly and helpful. Shawarma wraps are delicious. Great spot for a quick bite.

    thumb Mankit Chow

  • 5 star review  I dine in this lovely place quite a bit! This is my favorite place to eat. I visit this spot many times. The meals are fantastic, the team is polite and the payment is reasonable. I enjoy eating in this restaurant to have a tasty meal.

    thumb Georgina Wells

    5 star review  We eat here regularly and everything is always fabulous especially the rice, tabouli, hummus, and garlic sauce. Good flavorful Middle Eastern food, reminds me of home.

    thumb fisha nour

    5 star review  Friendly service. Great food. Highly recommended

    thumb Ed Megerdichian

    5 star review  As a Middle Eastern shawerma connoisseur, I am impressed by Noor's chicken and beef shawarma. The beef shawarma is perfect. I don't know how they get it so tender. Toppings are just right as well. I like fries in both! This place is a great find for the occasional shawerma craving.

    thumb Phlstn Sophopolis

    5 star review  Consistently delicious food here.
    The portions are generous, so if you're really hungry you won't be disappointed.

    thumb s. a. spinks

    4 star review  Great wrapped chicken kabob sandwich and chicken kabob platter. Plentiful portion of tabouli. Greek salad was good, but $2.00 chicken on top wasn't.

    thumb Jason Wallach

    5 star review  Food is delicious and staff is great!

    thumb Julez D

    5 star review  Noor is pretty good for takeout, but dine in for a really excellent meal. The Noor trio is amazing! The chicken kabob is always juicy and flavorful, and same goes for the beef kabob. I like the kofta at Noor because it's all beef rather than a beef and lamb mix like at many restaurants. Fries are always crisp, and salads are always fresh. When I don't get the Noor trio, I get the chicken shawarma which is also really good, especially when you get lots of burnt crispy bits. The kibbeh at Noor is some of the best I've ever had. My only complaint is that price-wise it really adds up.

    thumb Magda Mohamed